The Games That I Got Lately Part 2: PS5 & PS4
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TheVideoGamer64 Dec 04, 2022 ()
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Hello everyone, welcome to Part 2 of the games that I got lately. In this video, y'all will see strictly PS4 and PS5 games. All of these games are some games that I added to my gaming collection recently. I show y'all my favorite game that I got out of all the games that I got in this video of mine.

Some of these games are some of the best you can get currently on PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4. I also mention the game that I think deserves Game Of The Year award of 2022. Which game do I think deserves the award? Find out in this latest video of mine!! :) This was originally recorded on my December 4th, 2022, now it's on my TheVideoGamer64 channel on December 4th, 2022. I hope all of you enjoy this latest video of mine. If y'all find this video entertaining, feel free to comment, like / rate this video 5 stars and don't forget to subscribe to see more gaming videos on my TheVideoGamer64 channel. Enjoy everyone! Remember to Keep On Gaming, & Keep Collecting What Y'all Love To Collect! :)