PS5 Games & Action Figures That I Got Recently
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TheVideoGamer64 Feb 08, 2022 ()
#PS5 #MarvelLegends #DC
Hey everyone, welcome to my video and in this video, I show two PS5 games that I added to my gaming collection recently and the other things that I got recently are some cool action figures that I am planning on keeping in the box! I show two action figures from the Marvel Legends series and one DC action figure that I got from Wal-Mart! I am so happy and glad to add the action figures and the PS5 games to my collection! :)

I always loved toys since I was a kid, but just never shown my passion for them when I got older, but I loved and collected all kinds of toys back in the day, but the problem was I opened most of them. As an adult now, I keep them in the box and I can put them on my wall to show my accomplishments of action figures that I have and got in my collection. Any figures that I get duplicates of, I will start doing an unboxing of one of the figures and keep the other in the box and review the loose ones in detail and my thoughts on them.

This was originally recorded on my new computer on February 8th, 2022. Now it's on here on my TheVideoGamer64 channel on February 8th, 2022. I hope y'all will truly enjoy this video on my channel. It brings a smile to my face when people enjoy my videos! If you enjoyed this video and find found it entertaining, feel free to comment, like, or rate this video and subscribe to me to see more videos on my TheVideoGamer64 channel. Enjoy everyone! Also, remember to KEEP ON GAMING AND KEEP COLLECTING WHAT Y'ALL LOVE TO COLLECT! :)