Atari 2600 Games And A Vinyl Record I Got Recently
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TheVideoGamer64 Oct 02, 2023 ()
#Atari #Atari2600 #VinylRecord
Hey everyone, in this video of mine, I show y'all all of the Atari 2600 games that I got recently in this video of mine! Also, I show y'all a vinyl record that I got recently. I love video games and been playing video games for almost 25 years. I love gaming and always will. I also love music on music formats, I collect music ranging from 8-Track tapes to Vinyl Records, and Music Cassettes to CDs.

This was originally recorded on October 2nd, 2023. Now it's on this great website on October 2nd, 2023. I hope y'all enjoy this video on my channel, if y'all did, feel free to comment, like / rate this video and don't forget to subscribe to me on this channel to see more videos on here. Enjoy and keep on collecting! :)