Angry Birds Chrome - Season's Greedings [Giftbox 1] Walkthrough
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Fake Loogi Dec 14, 2022 ()
Fun fact: This is the first newly recorded footage uploaded here. All my other uploads are around 10-11 months old due to me being sidetracked with other things. I reinstalled flashpoint to play chrome again and after some fiddling around I manage to make it run again. Anyways onto the level itself, it's fucking bullshit. I spent around 45 minutes recording myself playing this level over and over because the requirements to 3 star this damn piece of game design is insane. I know I had my issues with With the second Egg in Easter Eggs but at most that took me 15 minutes to record, not 45 damn minutes. You effectively only have 2 birds to work with if you want to have a chance at 3 starring this level. Throw the blues to destroy the glass wall and if possible try to make them knock over the structure below the chandelier. Then shoot Matilda similarly to how I did in the video and pray to the Mighty Eagle that all the other pigs die so that those two remaining Red birds can count towards your score bonus. If luck goes your way then you should just BARELY reach a score of 109k which is sufficient enough for the game to grant you 3 stars. The level itself isn't so bad but the damn star limits should've been nerfed. I'm not looking forward to recording the Samsung Galaxy Promotion level, that one's bull as well.