Frosty's Let's Plays: C&C Red Alert (A): Mission I - In the Thick of It & Mission II - Five to One
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FrostyFlakes Sep 22, 2022 ()
Hehe, I thought why not include this in my walkthroughs. This is one game that I've never managed to play. I've played RA2 however.

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I've decided to surprise y'all with a playthrough that's going to coincide with my current Starcraft walkthrough. It's none other than the first Red Alert game released in 1996!

I'm going to cover the Allies campaign for this case and since the first mission is so short, it's just fitting that I place two missions in one video.

- Find Einstein
- Get Einstein to the helicopter

A pretty short mission. Since vehicles and Tanya can take hits better, I've decided to only use them for this mission. I've decided to destroy a power plant and remove enemy infantry until the vicinity of the Tech Center is clear for Tanya to move near it and make Einstein come out from hiding.

Once he's out from hiding, I've brought him to the helicopter for an easy victory.

- Clear the way for the convoy

The second mission is a timed mission. To fully explain the mission objective, the Soviet base and its forces must be eradicated. Take note to remove the barricades by the river with the use of the Rocket Soldiers so that the convoy trucks won't have to stop by the other side of the river. The barricade removal can be done while attacking the enemy base.