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iox Apr 07, 2022 ()
Returning to Pepe City with 3 new Tracks from The PepeJammers

Chapter Track List:
6. Herz Gebrochen - (00:00)
7. Get Real - (02:20)
8. YUH - (5:34)

PepeJammers Biography:
The Pepejammers is a hip-hop duo by Trakoize and Mushii. They both work to create satirical rap and combine elements of cloud and autotune rap. In Early 2021, shortly after the creation of the PepeJammers they released their first Single Pog Stuff. After releasing a few singles they made their first mixtape Whole Lotta Green. They released My Beautiful Dark Twisted Pepe shortly after the release of Whole Lotta green with some new tracks which released 9th June 2021.

Months later a new album was being worked on called Pepe is King which released 21st August 2021 which contained songs like Imposters and Click here to die. A month after the release of Pepe is King they released their third album The Life of Pepe.

A few weeks later they released Pandhi, one of their longest releases made containing Labbadubbada (ft. Yung Cheese Slice) and a bunch of other classics. 22nd November 2021 they released The Return which is one of the last classic PepeJammers albums.

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Album Originally released on 2022-04-02.
℗ 3444190 Records DK

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