The Sims 2 - Harry Potter OotP - Chapter 12
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Gryffindor12346 Nov 30, 2022 ()
Professor Umbridge - This chapter is an amazing 21 minutes long. It is Harry's first day in class's and it seems he's not doing so well. Enjoy.

*Note* I accidentaly mixed up Parvati Patil with Pansy Parkinson. Sorry. So just try to ignore it :)

-----------RELEASE DATES

The next chapters, 13 and on.. WILL be released in the summer. I am currently making the chapters now and will release it by then.. There are NEW voice actors, so no more of the audio book dude. Thank you for all the support.. I will be releasing clips, trailers, and other stuff between now and the release date so. So just come back weekly for more updates.. Also, don't forget to join the Order of the Phoenix Series "Groups" for the latest updates instantly