Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapter 16
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Gryffindor12346 Dec 05, 2022 ()
Hermione asks Harry if he has thought any more about teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts. After much convincing, Harry finally agrees to lead the group. Hermione quietly spreads the word about a meeting to discuss a student-run Defense Against the Dark Arts group on the next Hogsmeade trip and arranges for everyone to meet at the Hog’s Head, a pub, to discuss the details. Hermione tells Harry she expects only a few people to come, but twenty-five arrive. Hermione introduces Harry, explaining that the students need to learn real, practical Defense since Voldemort has returned. Some students murmur in dissent, but all seem interested in Harry’s story about meeting Voldemort face to face. Hermione passes around a piece of parchment, and everyone signs his or her name.