Frosty's Let's Plays: Warcraft II (Humans) - Mission III: Southshore (No Commentary Run)
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FrostyFlakes Dec 21, 2022 ()
Let's hit the coast and get some oil!

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Here comes the third mission. The third mission of the campaigns in Tides of Darkness is when you are introduced to the Naval units in the game.

- Build a Shipyard
- Build four Oil Platforms

New Units Introduced: Oil Tanker
New Buildings Unlocked: Shipyard, Oil Platform

A fairly easy mission overall. Start off by building a farm then building up your economy by having more peasants to mine gold and gather lumber. Make sure to have a Lumber Mill up and running soon. Build farms to keep up with the supply count. Once there's enough wood, build a Shipyard then make your first Oil Tanker.

When your Oil Tanker is made, have it build an Oil Platform on the Oil Patch near the Elven Destroyer you start with. You can use the Elven Destroyer to dispatch the two separate Troll Axethrowers along the coast. Build more destroyers because you'll need them for later.

By the way, there's a gold mine to your west. If you intend to take it, you can use your starting Footmen and Archer to take on the two Grunts guarding it but I went the safe route by building a Barracks then training more troops to take them on. Build a Town Hall once the coast is clear and have some peasants mine gold there.

Back to the objectives, the other two Oil Patches that's close to your coastline are safe - get Oil Tankers to build Oil Platforms on them. This brings you to three Oil Platforms. If you have enough destroyers then you can take on some enemies get the fourth oil patch.

The fourth Oil Patch has an enemy Oil Platform on them and is guarded. Your pick whether you want the southwest or southeast Oil Patch. The Southwest one is easier to access with two Troll Destroyers guarding it. Destroy them and the Oil Platform then build your own on the Oil Patch to claim victory.

A note: You can destroy the Orc Outpost on the southeast island but it's optional and it won't finish the mission. As said earlier, it does have an Oil Patch that you can take if you destroy their Oil Platform on it.