Frosty's Let's Plays: StarCraft - Mission V - Revolution (No Commentary)
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FrostyFlakes Oct 02, 2022 ()
It was so close! So close for a perfect clear.

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Anyways, here's the fifth mission of the Terran Campaign. Also incoming best Blizzard waifu too.

- Bring Kerrigan to the Antigan Command Center
- Raynor and Kerrigan must survive.

New objective after the first phase:
- Destroy the Confederate base

The first part only has the player's starting units. Send Raynor and the marines south to meet up with Kerrigan. Parts of the map will be revealed. Cross the bridge and destroy the lone marine and the three missile turrets. After that, you'll encounter an enemy Vulture and not far from it, a Wraith. Use Kerrigan's lockdown on them and destroy them.

After that, use Raynor to draw fire from the first bunker, the one with the missile turret next to it. Destroy it and kill its occupants then destroy the missile turret. Use Kerrigan's Cloak ability to sneak all the way to the Command Center since there's no more detectors to clear Phase One.

Phase Two is much more straightforward. Build an army and destroy the Confederate base across the body of water. The new units for this mission should be handy especially this mission grants you access to Dropships to transport ground units across terrains and water. I've also decided to give the Wraiths and the Vulture some spotlight moments.