Frosty's Let's Plays: StarCraft - Tutorial: Boot Camp & Mission I: Wasteland (No Commentary Run)
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FrostyFlakes Sep 17, 2022 ()
One optional tutorial level and the first mission in one video.

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Anyways, on to the missions featured in this video - as said earlier, this video will cover the tutorial Boot Camp level and the First Mission in the Terran Campaign: Episode I - Rebel Yell.

[Tutorial: BOOT CAMP]
- Build 3 Supply Depots
- Build a Refinery
- Gather 100 Vespene Gas

Easy objectives. All what's needed to be done here is to build three supply depots and a refinery then hit the 100 Vespene Gas quota. Since I get bored easily, I've decided to send my marines to destroy some Zerglings while attaining the mission objectives.

- Build a Barracks
- Train 10 Marines
- Raynor must survive

Again easy objectives. Send the starting units down to join up with Raynor. After a bit of formalities, I've decided to take down some Zerglings along the way. SCV's did most of the work here since they've mined the resources needed for the Barracks and a Supply Depot (since I was making sure).

There was a bit of misplay here where I thought I'll train 10 more marines (hence the double Barracks) but actually just five more but oh well. While the Barracks and the marines are being trained, I sent out Raynor for some hit and run practice.